Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong — especially when it comes to “Grey’s Anatomy.” From earthquakes to bomb explosions and even ferry crashes, the surgeons of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital have endured countless catastrophes throughout the long-running ABC medical drama.

And according to the Season 12 trailer of “Grey’s Anatomy,” disaster will strike once again when the Shonda Rhimes-created series returns on Thursday, Feb. 11 with its winter premiere. In the promo video for the upcoming installment, it was revealed that Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) will be the victim of another gruesome incident — one that’ll leave her covered in blood and struggling to breathe.

But what — or should we say who — is behind the attack? Well, during the Television Critics Association panel in Pasadena, California, Pompeo’s co-stars teased that audiences will be shocked with the answer when it’s revealed during episode 9, titled “The Sound of Silence.”

“Meredith gets attacked by someone you would least expect and it is just as terrifying, shocking and harrowing as it appears,” Kelly McCreary , who portrays Maggie, Mer’s half-sister on the series, told Entertainment Weekly.

Our pool of suspects then narrowed when Caterina Scorsone revealed that her character Amelia takes Meredith’s accident “really hard.”

“Amelia always holds herself extremely responsible for the [misfortune] of others. In this case especially, she feels somehow responsible, even though she’s really not,” the actress explained. “She often takes it all very personally when someone she’s close to is hurt. When we come back, Amelia is at a very, very low point.”

Keeping in mind that Amelia “feels responsible” for what occurs to her sister-in-law, is it possible that Mer’s attacker could be someone close to Amelia …. like Owen (Kevin McKidd)? Amelia and Owen have been dating for quite some time, but recently their relationship became strained when Owen refused to confide in Amelia regarding his hatred toward Grey Sloan’s new doctor, Nathan (Martin Henderson). Instead, Owen opened up to Meredith about his troubled past with Nathan, which infuriated Amelia and resulted in the sisters’ midseason 12 finale fallout.

Not only has Nathan’s Grey Sloan arrival affected Amelia’s relationship with both Meredith and Owen but it has also caused Owen’s post-traumatic stress disorder to flare up. Owen’s strength combined with his mental condition could be the perfect recipe for disaster. In fact, audiences witnessed the deadly combination during Season 5 of "Grey's Anatomy" when Owen strangled Cristina (Sandra Oh) in her sleep during one of his PTSD-induced hallucinations.

Considering Owen is a truly compassionate and kind character, it would be quite surprising to see him in such a vicious light.

Do you think it’s possible Owen could be behind the vicious attack on Meredith? Sound off in the comments section below with your theories and don’t forget to tune in to the Midseason 12 premiere of “Grey’s Anatomy” on Thursday, Feb. 11, at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.