Happy Friday from Rockstar Games? The New York City-based game developer has updated the Los Santos travel guide on its official website for "Grand Theft Auto 5." The travel guide clues readers into many features of Los Santos, the fictional city of "GTA 5," including locales, activities and more.

The "Serenity and Wellness" section of the Los Santos travel guide offers prospective visitors ways they can relax themselves while in Los Santos. However, if you check out the images found within the "Serenity and Wellness" section, you'll find what could be interpreted as NSFW photos. We've embedded them for your convenience, but if you get caught looking at these images at your desk, you have no one to blame but yourself.





Grand Theft Auto 5's "Serenity and Wellness" section also makes references to "third eye," "starfish" and "consuming." We'll let you draw your own conclusions, but we can't help to think that Rockstar is trying to be cheeky. When one considers that "Grand Theft Auto" has a history of featuring sexually suggestive content, it's hard to believe that the above images are meant to be anything but sexual. But is it too much?

What do you think? Do you think these "GTA 5" images are too sexually suggestive? Sound off in the comments below.