“Grand Theft Auto 5” hasn’t reached PCs yet, but players are still able to identify in-game glitches and exploit them. On Friday, developer Rockstar Games of New York City launched an update that repaired a cheat that gave players huge advantages over others.

The Duke O’ Death car was awarded to players who upgraded from the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 versions of the game to the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One version. The vehicle is extremely fast, supercharged, durable and destructive. For a period of time, players were able to bring the car into “Grand Theft Auto Online,” the online, open-world version of the game.

Now, when a player attempts to enter the Duke O’ Death to bring it into “GTA Online,” the car explodes. While the developer studio could have fixed the game so that online players couldn’t bring the vehicle into the online mode, Rockstar chose the dramatic way of eliminating cheaters from exploiting the car.

Meanwhile, Rockstar is preparing for the release of “GTA 5” on the PC, which will arrive April 14 after being delayed in late February. The game will reach players in a little over a week at retail stores or as a digital download.

In December, rumors regarding Rockstar delaying its upcoming release of “Grand Theft Auto 5” for the PC, which was originally scheduled for Jan. 27, swirled when the action-adventure game’s Steam listing release date changed from Jan. 27 to “early 2015.” Rockstar responded to the situation on one of its online forums, assuring players the game would be available on the original date. However, the release date was changed to April 14 in mid-January, disappointing PC fans.

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