New weapons may be coming to “Grand Theft Auto Online” as part of its long-awaited heists update. According to a recent leak, “GTA Online” fans may soon be seeing a slew of new firearms, including a flare gun, broken bottles and a rifle.

“GTA 5 Online” hacker and enthusiast St3v3hacker posted a tweet earlier this week that showed a number of weapons. He discovered the information while browsing through some texture files in the game’s latest update, “The San Andreas Flight School Update," or update 1.16.




The photos look like updated depictions of three stills St3v3hacker posted on gaming site se7ensins in late May, which showed a Scar rifle, Goosenberg Sweeper, two .44 caliber pistols and more.

Check out the images below:

gta Are new weapons coming to 'GTA Online?' Photo: Courtesy/Se7ensins/user/St3v3nHacker

gta-may Weapons leak by St3v3hacker in May. Photo: Courtesy/Se7ensins/user/St3v3nHacker

The updated photo shows a flare gun available in multiple colors, thermite bombs composed of molten iron, and a colorful rocker launcher.

Meanwhile, “Grand Theft Auto Online” fans are growing impatient. The highly anticipated heists feature, which was promised by New York City-based studio Rockstar Games earlier this spring, has yet to reach the open-world game.

The developer promised fans heists would be implemented into the open-world title sometime during the spring, but well into the summer months, Rockstar, which is a subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. (NASDAQ:TTWO), has yet to allow players to take part in heists or elaborate story missions that were introduced in 2003’s “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.”

Some fans speculate that we won't see heists until the launch of "GTA 5" on the PC, Xbox One and PS4, which Rockstar promises will be sometime this year.

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