Developer Rockstar Games is extending its Christmas Day holiday event for “Grand Theft Auto Online” after Xbox Live and PlayStation Network experienced a number of outages and disruptions that began on Thursday and continue to affect networks. Xbox Live is currently up and running while Sony is still struggling to get its network back online. Currently PlayStation 3 services are working while PS4 users are unable to login.



Rockstar quietly launched update 1.19 of "Grand Theft Auto Online" last week, giving players a holiday surprise full of new weapons, proximity mines, snowy weather and new clothing. The developer usually launches updates on Tuesdays, so update 1.19, or "Festive Surprise," came as an early Christmas present for players.

In keeping with the Christmas spirit, the New York City developer added a holiday-themed wardrobe to the online, open-world action game, including ugly sweaters, new hats, scarves, masks and more. Snowy winter weather also came to San Andreas, and Rockstar even allowed players to participate in snowball fights. That feature is currently no longer available in “GTA Online.”

"GTA Online" received new vehicles as part of the update -- a souped-up Hot Rod Christmas Ratloader, a bulky Slamvan, a flashy Massacro and a Jester sports car. Once players downloaded the update, the vehicles were theirs to keep.

Like Rockstar’s "Independence Day Special" update in July, players can now use the Fireworks Launcher and rocket ammo for a limited period of time.

Two new weapons also came to the game: a homing missile launcher and proximity mines. These will be permanently in “GTA Online.”

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