Rcokstar Games, developer of the "Grand Theft Auto" open-world sandbox series, has released an official video of "GTA 5" gameplay. Check it out below.

The world of "GTA 5" is a reimagining of Southern California, according to the clip. The video gives us a peek into the private lives of Trevor, Michael and Franklin, as well as a number of features of "GTA 5." Some of these include customizable cars, the ability to drop in on any of the three playable characters regardless of their location, usable vehicles like bikes, planes and parachutes. The "GTA 5" gameplay reveal video also takes us through bank robberies, car chases and much more.

What do you think of the "GTA 5" gameplay reveal? What are your favorite features of "GTA 5?" Do you think that "GTA 5" is missing anything? If so, what? Sound off in the comments below.