Think you’re a big fan of “Grand Theft Auto”? One devoted user may have one-upped you. New York City-based Rockstar Games posted some photos of an unofficial “GTA”-themed PlayStation 4 on its blog Wednesday – and it’s pretty amazing.

The sleek gaming console pays homage to the popular, 17 year-old video game franchise with its yellow hue and Rockstar logo. The device was designed by Social Club member dinatas just in time for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release of “Grand Theft Auto 5” on Nov. 18. The game will be available on the PC in January.

gta4 An unofficial 'GTA' PlayStation 4. Photo: Courtesy/Rockstar

The original “Grand Theft Auto” game was created by British game developer DMA Design, which is now Rockstar North, and published by BMG Interactive, now Rockstar Games. It launched in October 1997 for DOS and the PC, and in December for the PlayStation.

2013’s action-adventure game “Grand Theft Auto 5” generated more than $800 million in worldwide revenue within one day, which amounts to approximately 11.21 million copies sold. Threes day after its launch, “GTA 5” surpassed $1 billion in sales, establishing the game as the fastest-selling entertainment product of all time.