Want to get rich quick in “GTA Online?” This cheat sheet could help you earn up to $100,000 per hour. Let us know if it works!

1. Create an invite-only gaming session. Go to any store in the game and rob it. Punch the clerk in the face (we don’t support real violence, just virtual violence). Empty the cash register and run away.

2. Go back to the start menu and enter your console’s store – the PlayStation store or Xbox Live Marketplace -- as if you are going to buy in-game money for real-world currency.

3. Exit the virtual store as soon as it loads.

4. You will spawn back in the same store you robbed at the same spot. The world will have refreshed. You can now rob the store again, empty the register, and run off with the cash.

Like "GTA IV," "Grand Theft Auto V " features an online multiplayer mode called "GTA Online." "Grand Theft Auto Online" launched Oct. 1, 14 days after the actual game. Although it is playable only with a "GTA 5" disc, Rockstar considers "GTA Online" a standalone game.

“Grand Theft Auto V" was launched in October for the Xbox 360 and PS3. The open-world action game was developed by Scotland-based Rockstar North and published by New York City-based Rockstar Games.

“GTA V,” which received highly favorable reviews, was the 15th installment in the “GTA” series and the first since 2008’s “GTA IV.”

The Spike Video Game Awards gave "Grand Theft Auto 5" the Most Anticipated Game award in 2012. Following its release, the title received the Game of the Year award at the 2013 Golden Joystick Awards. Only three days following its release, IGN listed “GTA V” as second on its list of “Top 25 Xbox 360 Games.”

Within just 24 hours of its release, “GTA V” generated more than $800 million in revenue, equating to about 11.21 million copies sold. Three days after its release, the title had surpassed $1 billion in sales. By Oct. 7, nearly one month after the game's release on Sept. 17, “GTA V” became the largest digital release in the PlayStation Store for the PS3. The game also received a score of 8/10 on GameSpot.com.