Rockstar launched its 1.11 update for “GTA Online” in early March -- and players are already getting their hopes up for the developer’s next patch. On March 13, it was revealed that three new cars would be available in the next update via Reddit.

Users are already actively participating in the “GTA” forum, letting Rockstar know what they’d like to see in the 1.12 update.

Some features user subteap and other players hope will be included in the next update include:

The option to stop Simeon, Gerald, Lester from calling you randomly during free mode

Pegasus vehicles spawn much close like the mechanic ( except for helicopters, planes, maybe tanks)

Make cops arrest you on one star and when they do you just get the "busted" and respawn.

Make the "highlight player" option actually highlight the player with a color and not flash (i use this option a lot and its pretty annoying when the player flashes on the map cause its hard to see it on the map and also it glitches out and doesn't even highlight the player sometimes)

Make jets/buzzards lock on to tanks because tanks have an unfair advantage on everyone.

Bring the massive jumbo jets online (call Pegasus and it will spawn on the LS airport runway

Opportunity to take auto aim off the cops because sometimes when you try to kill someone it aims at the cops and then you get 3 stars

A number of gamers were also interested in a faster loading time for “GTA Online” Some discussed the ability to play a pizza boy and own aircraft carriers.

One user felt that Rockstar should eliminate the ability to destroy other players’ vehicles. “IF Rockstar does NOT want players to destroy other player’s vehicles, then they should PROGRAM the game to NOT ALLOW IT, instead of programming the game to allow it, but punish players for it,” user Athiesmo said. “Prevention would be very easy and much more effective.”

User D3stroyXX felt that “passive mode should make you and your vehicle fully invincible.” He also wanted the ability to “change the spawning position of players” and felt that Rockstar should “add weather like hail and snow.”

Several users felt that the option to run out of gas would make the game more interesting and realistic, while others hoped for a wider variety of clothing and hair options, more car modification options and more heists.

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