Rockstar just launched its 1.12 update for “GTA Online” on Tuesday, but players are already telling the developer what they want update 1.13 to include -- from larger garages to higher vehicle sales prices.

The High Life Update, which will launch sometime this spring, promises to bring new vehicles and weapons in story mode and online.

So what are “GTA Online” players hoping to see in update 1.13? It’s no secret “Grand Theft Auto” fans are pretty open about what they want in the game and a few users recently shared their insight via the Rockstar support forum.

Some features user DarkBros and other players hope to see in the next update:

The ability to re-arrange garages. “I’ve had to sell cars to get the right order in my garage.”

More garage floors. “Let us have more floors for our garage because having to replace cars is hard!”

DLC with military and police clothing. “More military and police vehicles, like new jets or attack helicopters, would be appreciated, especially storing police vehicles in garages.” Users would also like the power to replay contact missions.

User juicybastian123r suggests Rockstar add “more customizable options for cars already on the game, hood, spoiler, bumpers, etc. Nitrous would be great as well. For houses, maybe make it possible to customize your home, so it's not like everyone else’s.”

Users are also looking forward to newer, more affordable sports cars.

“I can’t keep doing mission after mission just to get one single car for 500,000 dollars," juicybastian123r stated. "Make there be more opportunities to get more money, and have EVERY car be able to find in ‘GTA.’ I want a Phoenix, I've never seen one online. Rise car sales prices. I mean online you can buy a car for 80,000. But only be able to sell it for 9,000?”

“Make air and water mobiles customizable. Add more large planes like the Titan. Oh and open up the stocks! That would help with money a lot. Possibly add more up to date clothing, more hats, beanies, shoes. And an awesome thing to add would be skateboards! We have BMX bikes, and a skate park. So why not skateboards? And please consider making a sandbox mode.”

What features would you like to see in the next "GTA Online" update? Leave a comment or tweet me!