Freeform’s newest drama might be your new favorite summer soap. “Guilt” follows an American woman, Grace, after her roommate Molly is found brutally murdered. Grace is suddenly the center of a highly publicized investigation, and audiences are left wondering who really killed Molly. Check out a few things you should know before the drama’s Season 1 premiere:

1. Not Amanda Knox — It just looks a lot like it is based on the real-life story of the American student in Italy who was convicted, and then cleared, of murdering her roommate. Actor Billy Zane, who plays eccentric lawyer Stan, understands the similarities, but he says the show is really just looking at sensationalized cases. “To not mention that there’s a correlation would be remiss, but it has nothing really to do with the character, the person or that particular case other than female American foreign exchange student accused of murder,” Zane told the New York Post. “What’s curious is this particular story is living in the very public now. The social platforms didn’t exist in that case, the smartphones were not so clever.”

2. Murder Mystery — Grace (Daisy Head) may have killed Molly (Rebekah Wainwright), or she might be innocent. That’s something viewers will be guessing about each week. “We didn’t want this show to be like ‘The Fugitive,’ where you know the person was wrongfully accused and you’re just waiting to see if they can clear their name,” co-creator Kathryn Price told TVLine. “We really wanted to not know, for this season, whether Grace was guilty or innocent. Grace is very much on this razor’s edge of, ‘Is she just an innocent victim in all of this, too? Or is she a sociopath who brutally murdered her roommate?’”

3. Answers — This is a mystery show that will answer the questions it asks. “Kathryn and I wanted to give the audience resolution by the end of the first 10 episodes,” co-creator Nichole Millard told TheWrap. “That was a promise we made to ourselves and to our audience. By episode 10, you will know who killed Molly Ryan — and why.”

4. International Connections — “Guilt” takes place in London, but Grace is American. Grace’s dead roommate Molly is Irish, and Grace’s boyfriend Luc (Zachary Fall), who also quickly becomes a murder suspect, is French. Plus, a British royal also might be involved. International backgrounds don’t just make the characters more exotic — they make the legal drama more complicated.

5. Family Drama — Just because Grace is away from home doesn’t mean she is alone. Her rich stepfather (Tony Head, Daisy Head’s real father) and her prosecutor sister (Emily Tremaine) try to make things easier for Grace. Let’s just say that it’s a difficult job.

6. Not for Kids — Between the kinky sex club, violent murder and drug use, it looks like Freeform is really trying to move away from their former ABC Family label.

“Guilt” Season 1 premieres Monday, June 13, at 9 p.m. EDT on Freeform.