If you thought Kate Middleton's wedding dress had the longest train ever, think again.

On Tuesday, a Romanian design house shattered the record and nabbed the title of Longest Bridal Train in the Guinness Book of World Records for a $7,300 dress with a train that extended nearly two miles.

Yes, two miles, well technically 1.8 miles or 9,768 feet.

That's almost the width of Manhattan.

The Andree Salon, a fashion label in Bucharest, enlisted the help of 10 seamstresses to craft the dress made of French lace and Italian taffeta - which cost $7,300, not including labor and the runway show -- over a period of 100 days, as reported by Yahoo. To be exact, it took 15,420 feet of taffeta, 18.04 feet of Chantilly lace, 147.64 feet of lining, 1,857 sewing needles and 150 spool threads to make the entire dress.

The record breaking dress was displayed on Tuesday in Bucharest outside the Palace of the Parliament and required a special delivery; Model Emma Dumitrescu, 17, had to fly in a hot air balloon with the 1.85-mile ivory train dangling in the air to transport the model and the dress to the site.

Victory was sweet for the Romanian company as previous longest trainer record holders, the Netherlands with a 1.55-mile train, were there to witness.

If the Netherlands does not allow us into Europe, we'll take them out of the world records book, organizer Alin Caraman told the Associated Press.

View the slideshow to see photos of the Longest Bridal Train dress.