A man gunned down two Bosnian soldiers and injured three civilians before committing suicide Wednesday, authorities said. The incident occurred across the street from the gate of a Bosnian army barrack in Rajlovac suburb of capital Sarajevo, the Associated Press (AP) reported.

The attacker was armed with an automatic rifle and shot at a public bus after killing the two soldiers. Broken glass of the bus injured the driver and two passengers, local police said, according to the AP. Security was beefed up across the country after the incident.

The gunman was identified as Enes Omeragic and police said they were trying to establish the motivation behind the attack, Reuters reported. After killing the two soldiers, Omeragic reportedly fled to his home nearby, which police later surrounded. Police heard a detonation from the house and found the attacker’s body, Sarajevo Police Commissioner Vahid Cosic said, according to Reuters.

"A shot fired at a member of the armed forces is a shot at Bosnia-Herzegovina," Denis Zvizdic, the country's prime minister, reportedly said after an emergency government meeting. "Security will be raised at the top level to prevent such incidents in the future." 

Omeragic's neighbors told Reuters that he had recently become a supporter of the orthodox Salafi Muslim movement. According to officials, 94 Bosnians have traveled to fight in Syria, the AP reported, adding that 56 of them returned while 26 died in the troubled country.