Rumors circulated over the holidays that a Guns N' Roses lineup consisting of original members Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan was going to reunite in 2016. Now it appears that the whispers could actually be true. The band was announced as one of the headlining acts of the 2016 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

Although the lineup hasn't officially been confirmed, Slash and Duff have both shared photos of the band logo on their Facebook pages and have made the Coachella image their banner photo. Now that it appears as though fans will get the chance to see the lineup they've been waiting for since 1993, many have started to wonder what songs the band will play during their performances April 16 and April 23.

Here are 22 songs the band should play when they take the stage at Coachella:

1. "Welcome to the Jungle"

What better way to start off a show than playing the first song of their hit album "Appetite For Destruction"?

2. "Mr. Brownstone"

To keep up the momentum of "Welcome to the Jungle," GNR can jump right into another classic with "Mr. Brownstone."

3. "Live and Let Die"

One of the band's best cover songs is sure to get the crowd really into their set early on.

4. "You Could Be Mine"

McKagan has a catchy bass riff in the beginning of the song. It would be cool to see the bass player return to the track featuring some of his best work.

5. "It's So Easy"

Axl's voice builds and builds throughout the first single off "Appetite For Destruction," and this will likely occur in the live performance.

6. "Knockin' On Heaven's Door"

A cover of the Bob Dylan song that makes the track much heavier and allows Slash to show off why he's one of rock's greatest guitarists.

7. "Reckless Life"

GNR carried the energy from "Appetite For Destruction" into their second album "G N' R Lies." The opening track is sure to still get the crowd moving.

8. "Don't Cry"

Since all of the previous songs were high energy, it would be a good time in the set to pump the brakes a little bit with one of the band's power ballads off of "Use Your Illusion I."

9. "My Michelle"

"My Michelle" is one of the best b-sides on "Appetite For Destruction."

10. "Civil War"

One of GNR's best songs about how there is nothing good about Civil War, which the crowd can whistle along to at the beginning and end.

11. "Out Ta Get Me"

It couldn't hurt to go a deep cut during the set. Why not perform another song off the album that made them one of the biggest names in rock?

12. "November Rain"

This is the perfect song for the middle of a set. It allows the audience to catch their breath, while the song picks up in the end with an epic solo from Slash.

13. "Rocket Queen"

Guns N' Roses ended their album "Appetite For Destruction" on a high note with "Rocket Queen." The song is a good fit to follow "November Rain."

14. "Yesterdays"

"Yesterdays" is a fun song the crowd can sing along to, while the band can reflect on the past as the original lineup could be back together.

15. "Pretty Tied Up"

"Pretty Tied Up" is one of their songs that has a much better sound when played live and was one of the highlights of their live album "Live Era '87–'93."

16. "Dust N' Bones"

"Dust N' Bones" is a solid rock song for right in the middle of the set, which is also the second track off "Use Your Illusion I."

17. "Used To Love Her"

"Used To Love Her" is one of those songs that easily gets stuck inside your head. It also give the band the chance to play another song off "G N' R Lies."

18. "Estranged"

Both "Use Your Illusion" albums contained long epic songs that hold a special place in the hearts of fans. "Estranged" is basically the "November Rain" of "Use Your Illusion II."

19. "Nightrain"

As GNR plays into the night, the audience can climb aboard the "Nightrain," which is a good song for the group to play towards the end of their set.

20. "Patience"

Guns N' Roses strip down their loud sound and shine with the acoustic "Patience." The song would be a good first song to play in the encore portion of the show.

21. "Paradise City"

After the band comes out and plays an acoustic song, they can get the energy in the crowd immediately back up with one of the band's best songs "Paradise City."

22. "Sweet Child O' Mine"

Since this will possibly be Slash's first show back with the band in over 20 years, a great way to close out the show would have to be with "Sweet Child O' Mine." Slash shines throughout the song, which features some of the best and catchiest guitar work of all-time.