A man believed to be linked to the Target data breach last fall has been arrested by Texas police, Texas station KVUE-TV reported.

A Georgetown, Texas, police department arrest affidavit identifies Guo Xing Chen, 40, as possibly being involved in the lifting of customer records in December, KVUE-TV said.

The Georgetown Police Department as well as its Police Chief Wayen Nero have yet to comment on the arrest of Chen. 

News of the breach first broke on Dec. 18, 2013, in a post on KrebsOnSecurity.com, a website created by computer-security expert and former Washington Post reporter Brian Krebs. It's believed that the breach occurred right after Thanksgiving and continued to as recently as Dec. 15. The breach involved nearly all of Target’s 1,797 U.S. stores, according to sources at two credit-card issuers.

Target confirmed in December that PIN data along with customers' credit and debit card information was stolen in the massive data breach that affected 40 million shoppers. 

The thieves were able to swipe the PIN numbers along with credit and debit card information from shoppers. But Target said that the data was encrypted and can only be accessed using a code from a separate system that wasn't hacked, Gawker reports.