“Used To Love You” singer Gwen Stefani shared some exciting news Friday: She’s pregnant with a baby girl. The only problem is that it might be a hoax. The singer has long been rumored to be pregnant with Blake Shelton’s baby and she’s ignored it every time. What a coincidence that the first time she addresses the rumor is on April Fools’ Day?

Of course, there is the possibility that Stefani, 46, is telling the truth. She’s been outspoken about her love for Shelton. However, it’s unlikely the sonogram picture is authentic. It doesn’t have her name on the photo, which could be a telltale sign that she yanking everyone’s chain.

Hoax or not, the photo has gotten plenty of attention. It's garnered more than 41,500 likes from her 3.6 million followers. Most people who commented weren’t convinced she was pregnant. After all, women normally try to prank friends and family with pregnancy gags on April Fools’ Day. Even so, there were plenty of people who wished her well.


It's a girl ❤️_❤️gx

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Possbile pregnancy news aside, Stefani recently opened up about her split from ex-husband, Bush singer Gavin Rossdale. "I went through a real period of anger, but I felt like this song was almost like a forgiveness song," she told Vanity Fair about her hit single, “Used To Love You,” Thursday. "It's admitting, I used to love you and now I don't."

The end of her relationship inspired creativity. I opened this channel to writing again," she said. "It was me being honest, being real."

Stefani had no idea the song would be such a hit. With her 13-marriage coming to an end, she thought her music career was over. "I was so scared and insecure and thought it was over for me," the No Doubt star explained. "I think the hardest thing I did," she added, "was to get out of bed and go to the studio."

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