The “Iron Man” co-stars Gwyneth Paltrow and Robert Downey Jr. finally reunited! The two spent a sunny day at the beach and even shared a selfie picture of them together on social media.

Paltrow took to Instagram Sunday to share a cute picture of herself with her “Iron Man” co-star as they posed on the beach with a dining set-up behind them, E!News reported. The Goop creator was smiling, looking beautiful with her all-natural look and her face free of make-up. Downey Jr., on the other hand, seemed focused and serious as he looked straight at the camera. The actor was wearing a hat and sunglasses. 

Paltrow captioned the picture, “@robertdowneyjr how I love thee #pepperony.” The actress was referencing their onscreen “Iron Man” characters, Tony Stark and Pepper Potts. Paltrow played Potts who was Stark’s love interest in the movie.

Last weekend, Downey Jr. also took to Instagram to share a spice-made portrait of Stark and Iron Man, People stated. The creative image was laid out on a brown paper and appears to be made of salt and pepper. The actor captioned the picture, "Hopefully Pepper won't get jealous of salt."

Meanwhile, the 42 year old actress also recently shared a cute picture of herself with daughter, Apple, on the beach. According to US Weekly, Paltrow uploaded an adorable mother-daughter snapshot on Wednesday, Aug. 12, wherein the actress’ 11-year-old mini-me was giving her mother a kiss on the cheeks. Paltrow displayed her make-up free face while she grinned at the camera. The star wrote, “Beach day with my little beauty.”

The mother-of-two also featured her son Moses in Instagram last June, which showed a snapshot of them with Taylor Swift in London. The shot was taken backstage during one of Swift’s 1989 concert shows in the U.K. Paltrow was happy with the photo opportunity and thanked the pop singer for giving her and son the “best date night ever.”