Actress Gwyneth Paltrow is showing off her sexy and insanely fit body in the upcoming issue of Women’s Health, along with her secrets to living a healthy life. Inside the June issue, the 42-year-old actress shares her food philosophy and how she’s able to maintain her toned abs and fit body. 

People reports how Paltrow revealed she isn’t the type who will deny herself or her kids a good meal in the name of a strictly nutritious diet. “My food philosophy is 'Nothing should be ruled out,' " she adds. "I don't believe in saying, 'You're not allowed that.' If my kids want a Shirley Temple with the radioactive cherry in it, go for it, you know?"

That philosophy means that most mornings the Oscar-winning actress starts off with a cup of coffee with half-and-half, followed by a smoothie after working out.  Lunch is usually a big serving of salad with grilled chicken, but dinner is when Paltrow gets to eat whatever she wants. “Most nights I eat with the kids, like, a stir-fry of chicken and broccoli or pasta or roast chicken and potatoes," she says.

As for her daily exercise regimen, Paltrow does an hour of cardio every morning before going to work everyday. The actress further mentions how she’s more comfortable in a bathing suit now than she was 20 years ago.

Paltrow has been dating producer Brad Falchuk and though she did not talk specifically about her boyfriend, she did share her thoughts about dating in her 40s, reports E! News.  "If I'm in a relationship at this point in my life, it's got to be a relationship worth sustaining, you know what I mean? I don't have the time or inclination," she told the mag.

Blythe Danner, Paltrow’s mother, is also gushing about how great her daughter is. According to Hello magazine, the 72-year-old actress was on NBC's "Today" show Wednesday and she shared how Paltrow is a most extraordinary girl who can do everything along with being an incredible mother, and how her daughter raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Danner’s husband’s oral cancer foundation. "She's becoming a great environmentalist. I'm so proud of her," she added. "I think she's so accomplished that people get kind of intimidated by it. Great cook, great mom, great actress."

The new issue of Women's Health will be available May 26.

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