Health aficionados are anticipating Gwyneth Paltrow's latest cookbook, so much so that it is available for preorder four months prior to its scheduled released, the Daily Mail reported. 

"It's All Good: Delicious, Easy Recipes That Will Make You Look Good and Feel Great," is the second cook book by the award-winning actress. It delves into Paltrow's diet and shares her favorite recipes for "when she wants to lose weight, look good, and feel more energetic," a description on Amazon said.

The starlet, who is known for her slim figure, admitted in the book's synopsis that her hectic lifestyle caused her to overindulge on food; eventually, a doctor's visit diagnosed her as anemic, vitamin D deficient and highly stressed. 

Paltrow said her doctor recommended a diet diet devoid of coffee, alcohol, sugar, eggs, wheat, meat and processed food to help cleanse her body.

To make sure her diet did not become "boring and repetitive," Paltrow said that she teamed up with food writer Julia Turshen and devised the cook book of 185 recipes fun and healthy recipes -- including huevos rancheros, hummus tartine with scallion-mint pesto, salmon burgers with pickled ginger, and even chocolate brownies with banana ice cream. Paltrow said she believes the diet makes feel more energetic.

She also said in the book that she uses cooking as a stress reliever. 

"Cooking makes me feel so calm and happy – doing things that are routine and mundane. If I’m stressed out, I start to cook and I completely relax," she said.

The mother of two once swore by the macrobiotic diet to keep herself slim, but admitted the fad was short-lived. 

"I was macrobiotic for three or four years, but when I got pregnant with Apple I wanted french fries, grilled cheese ... it went out the window," she said.

Despite her doctor's recommendations, Paltrow said she occasionally still indulges in some of her favorite rich foods. 

"I eat fish, a little dairy ... but I love cheese. We'll make chocolate chip cookies and eat them, but sugar makes me feel pretty bad. I have coffee and wine. I've got lots of lovely vices."