Hong Kong's H1N1 tally has reached1389 with 62 new cases conformed within 24 hours, among whom one is in critical situation, the Department of Health (DH) said on Tuesday.

The new cases involve 28 males and 34 females, aged between 22 months and 58 years.

Currently, a total of 11 confirmed cases are staying in public hospitals for treatment. Among them, 10 cases are in stable condition and one in critical condition.

Whether Hong Kong has a fatal case or not will not affect our emergency measures at the moment. said Dr York Chow, Secretary for Food and Health, at a briefing. He added that they would investigate the nature of the virus to see whether there is any significant change of the virus.

Among the confirmed cases, there are four public hospital staff besides 12 confirmed cases among medical personnel in Hong Kong's hospitals. But Chow said the increase cases among the medical personnel didn't necessarily mean hospitals have become high-risk areas.

Hong Kong will maintain its normal social activities including studies at the schools. said the secretary. Chow said the H1N1 disease in Hong Kong has only caused minor effect in patients health despite its wide spread among people.

He added that the new term begins at the end of July, with an international school to open around July 27, while most of other school won't start the semester till September. The officials will inform the schools at least a week before the term begins. Detailed plans will be released soon.

According to Hong Kong's procurement procedure, seasonal flu vaccine will be available by the end of October, when Hong Kong will follow the usual schedule of immunization for seasonal flu at the end of this year, that is roughly the end of October or early November, said Secretary for Food and Health.

He also noted that it all depends on when they are able to obtain the H1N1 vaccine. Hong Kong aims to obtain it before the end of the year so that we can start vaccination as early as December.