Mexican distiller Hacienda La Capilla, has unveiled a 1.3 litter tequila bottle called 'The Diamond Sterling' on Monday hoping to break the Guinness World Record for the world's most expensive bottle.

The bottle, made of 2.3-kilogram layer of platinum and over 4,000 diamonds totaling 328 carats, is crafted by renowned designer Fernando Altamirano and is valued at around $3.5 million. The tequila bottle was first seen on Reuters Television in the city of Mexico.

In 1996, the designer had already set a Guinness record for the most expensive tequila with a bottle that sold for US $225,00.

Located in the state of Jalisco, Mexico, Hacienda La Capilla offers a wide range of tequila categories in terms of flavor, body and aroma.

Right from the selection of tequila leaves at the plantation site to the production of the refined products, the brand has devoted itself to live up to the country's name as the land of great tradition in tequilas. With the introduction of 'The Diamond Sterling', Hacienda La Capilla has introduced the rest of the world to the exquisite flavor of the seven-year-old liquor.