Often called "the fifth BRIC nation", Mexico is a major emerging economy. But the country is also plagued by rampant criminal organizations. The deadly fighting between government forces and the heavily armed gangsters of the drug cartels is growing dimensions like a civil war.

Mexican Prison Break Near US Border

Over 130 inmates have escaped from a Mexican prison in Peidras, located across the border from Eagle Pass, Texas. Mexican authorities have undertaken a massive manhunt, while U.S. authorities are closely monitoring the border to assist in the recapture of any prisoners that try to cross.

Romney: 47% Of Americans Are Dependent 'Victims' [VIDEO]

Mitt Romney faced a new embarrassment Monday evening when a video surfaced that shows him dismissing nearly half of Americans as "victims" who take no responsibility for their livelihoods and who think they are entitled to government handouts.

Demonoid Return Possible In The Future, Says Site Administrator

Fans of the popular BitTorrent site Demonoid were teased earlier this week when the domain's server went through an update, leading many file-sharers to believe the site would be up and running again soon. Although hope isn't dead yet, Demonoid's tech administrator told Torrent Freak that they are "not looking into putting the site back up at the moment."

Is Mexico’s Brutal Gulf Cartel Finished?

Mexico is poised Thursday morning to provide more details about the arrest of Jorge Eduardo Costilla Sanchez, a suspect it believes is one of a dwindling number of key players in the Gulf drug cartel, who was nabbed Wednesday from Mexico's northeastern border state of Tamaulipas.

Latin America's Five Most Competitive Countries (And One Slacker)

Chile retained its top spot among Latin American economies as the most economically competitive nation, while its neighbor to the east continued falling, according to a report from the World Economic Forum, which hosts the annual economic summit in Davos, Switzerland.

Democrats Introduce A New Face: Julian Castro

San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro presented a fresh, youthful, smiling face for Democrats at the opening night of their convention Tuesday -- while hurling stinging attacks on the Republicans and their nominee.

Lufthansa Strike To Continue, Escalate Friday

The Lufthansa strike was far from over when cabin crew returned to work Tuesday. Far from it, the UFO union said late Tuesday it would up the stakes by initiating a 24-hour strike throughout Germany this Friday.