Less than a day after Nintendo's 3DS launch in Japan, hackers soured the mood by hacking the console.

A group of hackers modified the 3DS to support R4 cards, allowing them to run pirated DS and Gameboy Color games. The modification, however, did not extend to games for the 3DS, which have yet to be hacked.

The group responsible for the modification said that they expect Nintendo to eventually release a firmware upgrade blocking the modification.

Since 2007, flash cartriges have been a constant headache for Nintendo, which has a history of attempting to eliminate the flash cartridge threat. Nintendo claims that flash cartridges cut into software sales for its portable consoles.

Flash cartridges were ruled illegal in the United Kingdom in 2010 after Nintendo filed a suit against manufacturers Playables Limted and Wai Dat Chan. A similar prohibition was enacted in Japan in 2009, though the legislation only affected R4 cards, not flash cartridges made by other manufacturers.

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