Halle Berry is not happy about her ex Gabriel Aubry’s unemployment. The actress has been paying Aubry $16,000 a month in child support and claims that he is using the income on himself instead of their daughter, TMZ reports.

The 48-year-old actress allegedly filed legal documents that claim Aubry is not seeking a job because he can live on child support checks. She wants to cut the child support checks down to about $3,000 a month to stop this “abuse of the system.” Writing Aubry a check for $3,000 a month would allow their daughter “to live a comfortable life ... supplemented by his income.”

The 39-year-old is a male model, and in 2012 was one of the highest-paid male models in the industry, according to the Telegraph. TMZ reports that Berry described Aubry as “perfectly capable of getting a job.” 

The two split in 2010 and have shared custody of their 6-year-old daughter, Nahla, since 2012, who divides her time with each parent. The large child-support checks started in June 2014 and were supposed to last until Nahla turned 19 or graduated high school, according to People. The judge also had Berry give Aubry $115,000 in retroactive payments as well as $300,000 in lawyer's fees, the Mirror reports.

This isn’t the first time that Berry has had legal issues with Aubry. Aside from their custody battle, Aubry got into a fist fight with Berry’s then-boyfriend, Olivier Martinez, in November 2012. A temporary emergency restraining order was issued against Aubry, which kept him 100 feet away from Berry, Martinez and Nahla. Meanwhile, Aubry got his own restraining order against Martinez. Both restraining orders were dropped within a couple weeks.

Nahla is Berry’s oldest child. She also has a 1-year-old child, Maceo, with husband Olivier Martinez.