The drama continues between Halle Berry and former husband Olivier Martinez. The two recently filed for divorce, but sources say that Martinez’s "explosive" temper helped to wreck the marriage. 

Berry and Martinez both have strong and fiery personalities, which sources told People magazine, often led to the two fighting each other. There were also instances when the two stars would separate for a while during their two year marriage, said the source. However, an insider close to the former Hollywood couple revealed to People magazine that it was Martinez’s temper that pushed Berry to file for divorce. 

The People magazine source said that Martinez was “easily intimidated” by Berry since she was the breadwinner in the family. “He was emasculated by her beauty and her power, and his temper could erupt," the source said. Despite Martinez’s fiery temper, the source clarified that Berry’s former husband did not physically abuse the “X-Men” actress. The insider even described Martinez’s behavior as “very possessive in a very kind of caveman way,” but it never resulted to Martinez physically hurting Berry or the family.

"He had an explosive temper in a way that was profoundly frightening. You never knew when he would explode," the source continued. "In any sort of situation, you never know what will get his temper up – and it's unnerving to live with that. Imagine that every single day."

Meanwhile, an Us Weekly source shared that there was a lot of “competition and battling” between Berry and Martinez, and that their relationship became “extremely bitter” as the marriage went on. The source also told Us Weekly that the two have “major tempers” which resulted to a lot of “screaming and fighting” during their union.    

“It was really bad…,” the source added. “It’s going to be a very bitter divorce."

Berry and Martinez announced their separation Tuesday. The two were married for two years.