Kim Kardashian knows how to celebrate Halloween.

The holiday falls only a week after her Oct. 21 birthday and Kardashian makes sure to always go all-out.

In quintessential Kardashian fashion, Kim typically picks Halloween costumes that are sexy and curve-hugging. 

Over the years she has gone for a wide array of choices, from Disney Princesses to cute animals to a flapper girl. 

Quite often Kim Kardashian will choose to be a female story figure, such as Wonder Woman or the Queen of Hearts.

This is a Halloween costume favorite for a lot of girls each year.

Although her costumes are very detailed and intricate, they are easy to copy with some everyday items you can find at a clothing shop or local craft store.

It is a wonder what costume the beautiful brunette will come up with this year.

Here is a look back at some of her best choices to use as your Hallowen costume inspiration.


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