Halloween Costumes From Around The World [PHOTOS]

on October 31 2012 7:25 PM
  • Brazil
    Marco Luque, ‏@marcoluque, from Brazil, dressed as what one Instagram commenter guessed as Whoopi Goldberg. Twitter
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia
    Shawn Wilson, ‏@glassgiant, from Halifax, NS dressed his kids as Darth Vader, Yoda, and Princess Leia from Star Wars. Twitter
  • Toronto, Ontario
    They dress like Psy in Ontario. Twitter
  • Lyon, France
    Capucine Anav, ‏@CapucineAnav, from Lyon, France is bloodied and black eyed for a Halloween party. Twitter
  • Madriz City, Nicaragua
    MAGNO, ‏@MagnoChacal, from Madriz City, Nicaragua is seemingly dressed as Sweet Tooth from the video game Twisted Metal. Twitter
  • Vancouver, British Columbia
    Donovan P. Mahoney, @donovanpee, from Vancouver, B.C. dressed as a "beautiful" lady endorsing Bumble and Bumble products. Twitter
  • Istanbul, Turkey
    Didem Ozgen, ‏@DidemOzgen, from Istanbul, Turkey and friends; scary, spooky, and witchy for a Halloween party. Twitter
  • Dublin, Ireland
    Klara McDonnell, @klaramcdonnell, from Dublin, Ireland dressed as a French maid among vintage looking friends. Twitter
  • Madrid, Spain
    Javi Soleil, ‏@javisoleil and his sister, from Madrid, Spain dressed as zombies (Javi, possibly as zombie Dracula as per a different photo). Twitter
  • United Kingdom
    Young Guns, ‏@YoungGunsUK a band from the UK dressed as nerds. Twitter
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Dressing up in costume on Oct. 31 isn’t just for the U.S.; check out these people from all over the world who dressed up in their spookiest, funniest and most creative costumes for All Hallows Eve.