Halloween festivities have either been cancelled or postponed from Maryland to Kentucky to Maine.

This apart, debate is also on if celebrations must occur in the face of disaster.

For some, rescheduling of the Halloween festivities served as a grim reminder of the previous disappointments.  In Ridgefield, Halloween celebrations were postponed last year too, due to an early snowstorm that felled trees and caused widespread power disruption. Trick-or-treating in Londonderry, N.H., was also rescheduled this year, the Wall Street Journal has reported.

With dates of rescheduled Halloween varying by city, county or town, some parents were trying to appease kids with assurances of dual celebrations.

However, in places that survived Hurricane Sandy's ravage without losing power supply, such as the upper Manhattan, trick-or-treating was going ahead, even though schools were closed.

New York City Mayor Bloomberg announced Wednesday that schools would be closed the rest of the week, much to the delight of children, the Wall Street Journal has pointed out.

In New Jersey, which sustained much damage, Gov. Chris Christie postponed Halloween until next Monday, though not all towns fell in line with the schedule.

As a precautionary measure, the San Diego Police Officers Association reminded trick-or-treaters not to venture out alone and to remain visible along with issuing a series of tips for safe Halloween, the Bay City Television has reported.

Check out some assorted images of Halloween celebrations as a muted response to Hurricane Sandy crisis that continues to loom large over the East Coast.