Amazon's "Hand of God" had a lot of things to say about faith and religion, but one thing seems certain, fans that make it to the end of Season 1 finale will be praying for more. Amazon has not yet announced if it will renew the series, but loyal viewers will be irked if they do not get answers to some of the finale’s lingering questions, especially that last second cliffhanger!

“Hand of God” follows San Vincente Judge Pernell Harris (“Sons of Anarchy” star Ron Perlman), a corrupt and unmerciful judge, who with the help of an opportunistic preacher, Reverend Paul Curtis (Julian Morris), becomes “born again” after the attempted suicide of his son, P.J. Soon after, Pernell starts having visions in which God, via his unconscious son’s voice, instructs him to avenge the rape of P.J.’s wife (Alona Tal), which lead to P.J.’s  sharp decline in mental health. Pernell’s mission soon makes him a threat, not just to the safety of the people around him, but to a major real estate deal put together by his wife, Crystal (Dana Delany) and best friend, San Vincente Mayor Bobo Boston (Andre Royo).

The premise of the show is an interesting one, but too often Pernell’s interpretations of God’s end up simply filling in sloppily written plot holes with literal “dei ex machina.”  However, the characters who end up as pawns in Pernell’s God complex are the ones who truly shine – Garrett Dillahunt’s holy warrior, K.D.; Royo’s unscrupulous mayor; Elizabeth McLaughlin’s would –be preacher’s wife, Alicia. The ensemble keeps things worth watching until the show makes good on the promise of its early episodes late in the season, culminating in a jaw-dropping cliffhanger.

Watch the trailer for "Hand of God" below:

Here are 8 questions fans have for a possible Season 2 of “Hand of God”:

1. Will Pernell Be Charged With Murder?

Pernell may have believed he was doing God's bidding, but he committed quite a few serious crimes -- breaking and entering, both planting false evidence and destroying actual evidence, and, last, but not least, murder! Pernell presided over the killing of both Shane Caldwell (Wes Chatham) and Josh (Hunter Parish), having dispatched K.D. to do his dirty work. Unfortunately for Pernell, the police are on to him and were waiting outside of P.J.'s hospital room while Pernell and his family were turning off the life support machine in the finale. Will Pernell be arrested?

2. Will Crystal Be Charged With Murder?

After the finale, Pernell is not the only murderer in the Harris family. Crystal got her own hands dirty in the last episode after finding out that Anne (Eliane Tan) had been having an affair with P.J. and likely arranged for his murder. Pernell arrived at Anne's house, after previously stealing her keys for his own investigative agenda, to find a bloody Crystal standing over Anne's dead body. Pernell took the lead in disposing of the body, but there's no doubt about it now -- Crystal is in just as deep as her husband. Will the murder be tied back to her or will Pernell or someone else take the blame?

3. Will Bobo Ever Catch A Break?

Bobo finally got his concrete pour in the finale as the Brooks Innovations construction seemed to be a done deal. In fact, in many ways Bobo had the happiest ending of anyone in Season 1, accomplishing his biggest professional goal while also eventually earning the respect of his son and father in the process. However, his best friend is likely about to be charged with murder and it remains to be seen if that will interfere with the Brooks project. The San Vincente mayor had a lot riding on the aftermath of that deal. Will it pay off? 

4. Will Hand Of God Chapel Survive?

At times Reverend Paul really does really seem to have the best intentions, but Crystal never had much sympathy for the Hand of God chapel and how much money they had taken from Pernell. In the finale she outed Paul and Alicia, telling Bishop Congdon (Obba Babatundé) about Alicia's pregnancy and spoiling Paul's chances at becoming a television preacher. Crystal threatened to expose them to their congregation too if they did not disassociate with her husband. Will the church survive? And will Paul and Alicia be able to reconcile now that Paul knows that Alicia did not get an abortion?

5. What Will Tessie Do Now?

It was a rough finale for Tessie (Emayatzy Corinealdi). She had to confront Pernell after their "wedding" stunt resulted in Crystal finding out about their relationship. Then, Khalil, who turned out to be her son, not her brother, decided he could not live with her after finding out that she had abandoned him as a child. The show did not provide too much closure to Tessie's story. Fans will have to wait out how she recovers from losing two of her closest relationships. 

6. What About K.D.?

K.D. was also left in limbo by the Season 1 finale. The last significant scene fans saw from him he was whipping Pernell for having ordered him to kill an innocent man (Josh). There, K.D. threatened to kill Pernell if he was wrong again about Anne and Brooks Innovations, but viewers never got to see K.D.'s reaction to Anne's death or Pernell finding P.J.'s missing book. Will he forgive Pernell? Plus, if Pernell gets arrested will murder charges follow for K.D. as well? Pernell has shown a willingness to let K.D. suffer for his sins before -- sending him to prison solely to interview a suspect in the Shane Caldwell murder -- but would he turn K.D. in to the cops himself?

7. How Will Jocelyn Handle Josh's Death?

All Jocelyn wanted to do was say goodbye to her husband in peace, but thanks to Pernell's meddling her new romantic interest is also dead. However, Jocelyn does not yet know that Josh is dead. How will she handle the news that her both her husband and new boyfriend are gone? Will the already distraught widow keep it together? Will she blame Pernell?

8. Oh, Right, Is P.J. Alive?

Then again, maybe Jocelyn's husband is not dead after all. In an ultimately predictable twist in the last scene of the finale, P.J. gasped for breath after being taken off the life support machine, showing signs of life! However, as the show cut to credits viewers could hear the noise of his heart rate monitor flat lining. Is P.J. alive? Or was the show simply teasing everyone? Fans will have to wait for a possible Season 2 to find out.