Well, if the Season 3 premiere of “Hannibal” was all about Hannibal’s (Mads Milkkensen) new life in Florence, episode 2, “Primavera,” was a return to Will Graham’s (Hugh Dancy) storyline. The NBC series was back Thursday night, but, before the show revealed Will’s fate, it revisited a traumatic moment for fans.

The episode began by replaying the final moments of the Season 2 finale, forcing viewers to again watch Hannibal cut Will’s stomach open and slit Abigail’s (Kacey Rohl) throat. However, this time the story continued and, after seeing the stag amongst all of the blood, Will passed out and woke up in a hospital. Soon after he realized he had survived, someone paid a visit to his room – Abigail! Hannibal had strategically cut her throat so that she would not die. Abigail thought it was a sign that Hannibal wanted the pair to come find him, but Will insisted Hannibal had left them behind to die. All the same, once they were fully recovered, the two set out for Italy to track down the serial killer.

Will and Abigail ended up at a church in Palermo and no sooner did they show up, then a body was discovered. Will sensed that Hannibal was behind the murder and interpreted the skinned and contorted body to be Hannibal leaving his broken heart for Abigail and him to find – in a vision he even imagined the body turning into a version of the stag.

At the church, Will was also confronted by a detective from Florence, Inspector Rinaldo Pazzi (Fortunato Cerlino, who was on Hannibal’s trail as well. The detective had met Dr. Lecter years ago when Hannibal unleashed a killing spree through Florence, arranging his victims’ bodies to resemble famous paintings. He wanted to enlist Will’s help in finding Hannibal, but Will revealed that they did not need to find him – Hannibal was still there!

The pair began searching the catacombs under the church for the infamous murderer. However, Will later told Pazzi to leave or risk being killed himself, reminding the Italian detective that he still did not know what side Will was on now. The detective begrudgingly exited.

Will wanted to have a private moment with Hannibal, who was lurking in the shadows. Will and Abigail had previously discussed the alleged “place [Hannibal] had made for them” when he promised they could all run away and live together in Season 2. Abigail believed Hannibal was telling the truth and would still welcome them back. Will seemed to agree, whispering to Hannibal, “I forgive you,” in the catacombs.

Hannibal had seemed poised to attack Will before the sentimental line. Instead, he quietly fled the scene. Fans will have to wait a little longer to see the two reunited properly.

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