It’s been a big week for fans of “Hannibal.” After finding out who will play the wife of Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) earlier this week, fans were further rewarded with the first trailer for the NBC drama’s third season in an Entertainment Weekly exclusive. While many characters and cliff-hangers go unmentioned and unseen, there is plenty of tension between Will and Hannibal (Mads Mikkelsen) in the new promo to keep viewers on the edge of their seats until the summer premiere.

Here are four things we learned from the new “Hannibal” trailer:

1. Will is on the hunt

The biggest takeaway from the trailer, which consists largely of Will speaking a monologue over a montage of shots of Hannibal’s new life in Italy  is that Will is a man on the hunt. After being stabbed in the shocking Season 2 finale, the FBI criminal profiler wakes up in a hospital bed dead set on finding the famed serial killer and it does not seem like he will be letting anything get in his way.

2. When in Rome

Fans got their first glimpses of Hannibal’s new life with Bedelia (Gillian Anderson) in Italy and, while Hannibal may be in hiding, he is hiding in style. A montage of the killer’s glamourous new life shows him mingling at lavish parties, wearing an expensive wardrobe of new coats, and working at a desk in a giant ballroom-turned-office.

3. Reunited

The trailer sure seems to tease that Will and Hannibal will meet again soon – not that that comes as a big surprise. Towards the end of the promo video Will calls out to Hannibal who appears to hear him and turn across the room with the look of a man who just got a big blast from the past. Is the shot from his much-anticipated reunion with Will or just some teasing on the part of the trailer’s editors?

4. Forgiveness

In the aforementioned scene, Will says, seemingly to Hannibal, “I forgive you.” Is he referencing the stabbing from the Season 2 finale? What will the two characters’ relationship be like when they meet again? Fans will have to wait for the summer to find out.

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