Justin Bieber turns 19 on March 1, and his fans were already taking to Twitter the day before to celebrate.

Last year a website called “Happy Birthday Justin Bieber” was created after “Beliebers” supposedly broke the world record for “the most widespread social networking message” after his birth wishes were posted 251,878 times on Twitter and Facebook within 24 hours of the “Baby” singer’s birthday.

Needless to say, "Beliebers" don't take his birthday lightly. They want to make sure he gets as much appreciation as possible. No doubt he'll break last year's record since his followers have grown to more than 25 million on the mini-blog. 

Many seemed to get verklempt as they wrote their tweets about the first of March, saying it was the day their hero was brought into the world, even citing the exact time.

“1st of March is really a special day, my baby was born. Justin, i know u wont ever see this, but i just wanted to say how proud i am of you,” one of his fans wrote.

Ryan Good, Bieber's “swagger coach” who was appointed by Usher to be his road manager and stylist, took to Twitter to write, “1st of March a very special day he changed my life” and also “19? no! he is 16 years old right Beliebers?” He went on to share a picture of little Biebs when he was just 16.

“1st of March 1994 12:56 am on a rainy Tuesday that will always be a special day to me and all the Beliebers,” another fan wrote.

@kidrauhljewel wrote, “1st of March 1994 isn't just any day, its the day when the person that has changed our lives forever was born.”

Many of Biebers fans who took to Twitter to show him birthday love have handles that involve the name “Kid Rauhl.”

Kid Rauhl is the name of the singer’s YouTube channel. He got the nickname from his father Jeremy Bieber, who referred to himself as Lord Rauhl, a character from one of his favorite book series. 

The birthday boy took to the social media site with a post of his own: 

"Great show!!! Now gonna go celebrate 19!! Thanks."