Harold Camping is expects the end of the world to come on October 21 after a spiritual' May 21 Doomsday and will keep his worldly possessions, and money given by donors, saying he had live until the end.

Camping told reporters on Monday that reports that Family Radio has lots of money are inaccurate, and that the network uses much of the money to spread the Gospel message.

In addition, he says he is a full-time volunteer and that Family Radio is not trying make money

When asked if he would get rid of any possessions ahead of the new Doomsday, he said he wouldn't.

I still have to live in my house ... I still have to pay my bills, he added.

I still have to live until the end, he said.

He was asked if he would even get rid of anything on October 20.

What would be the value of that? he asked. If it's Judgment Day, it's the end of the world.

He also said he would not give any money back to listeners who may have quit their jobs or used up their life savings to spread the message of the May 21 Doomsday.

No, that money is still going out, he said. We are not out of business, we've learned that we still have to go another five months.

We are spending it as wisely as possible. Maybe by Oct. 21, we will only have $10 left, he says.

He said people had given up their time and they do because they love the Lord.

Meanwhile, Camping says he will no longer preach about the end of the world.

The world has been warned. We did our share, he said.

Camping refused to apologize for anything except for getting the nature of the judgment on May 21 wrong, saying he did not have all that worked out as accurately as I should have had it.

It doesn't bother me at all, he said.