Harold Camping has struck out again.

The head of the Christian radio network, Family Radio, made yet another doomsday prediction that flopped on Oct. 21.

People took to Twitter to voice their jeers. User @dfwPdub tweeted: I woke up & the world's still here. I wonder what excuse Harold Camping has now? #ApocalypseNever. And @DeathStarPR wrote: Dear Harold Camping, Worst. Apocalypse. Ever. Regards, Everyone. #Rapture.  

Another user @TheBosha joked, This is like the third Harold Camping rapture I've been left behind for and frankly it's starting to hurt my feelings. And @KidSisyphus said, Bachmann's New Hampshire staff has disappeared! Harold Camping was right! #rapture.

Camping and his bombed doomsday predictions have become quite a laughing-stock on social media networking sites. There are Tumblr feeds, Facebook pages, and YouTube videos all dedicated in his (dis)honor. Some use explicit language to criticize him.

In his most recent attempt, Camping said that Oct. 21 would probably mark the end of the world. The probably should have been a red flag that the preacher did not want to seem overly-cocky again.

He claimed the chosen ones would undergo  rapture, or the Christian notion of being caught up as mentioned in 1 Thessalonians 4:17, happening at the End Times when Christians will be gathered together in the air to meet Christ.

This rapture would come quietly, even happening in one's sleep.

But, alas, it is now Oct. 22 and we are all still here.

This is not Camping's first failed apocalypse prophesy.  It is the second time he has predicted the end of the world in 2011 alone.

Camping originally said that May 21 would be the end of the world. The radio host went on a media blitz, writes ABC News, that blazoned the doomsday message on over 5,000 billboards and 20 RV's. Some followers spent their life's savings, sold all of their possessions, and waited for the rapture.

Of course, nothing happened at the allotted time of demise, 5:59 p.m. The 89-year-old said his math was off.

After this failed attempt, Camping revised is prophecy to state that May 21 marked the spiritual end of the world; but Oct. 21 will mark the final end.

ABC News reports that a source close to the preacher said Camping has actually predicted the end of the world a whopping 12 times already. His first prediction dates as far back as 1978.

Camping had predicted the end for Sept. 27, 1994, in his book 1994? Again, he blamed this one on botched calculations.  

The preacher claims to use numerology to come up with his end of the world predictions.

Maybe he needs a new calculator.

Til next time, Harold.