Family Radio president Harold camping said, Monday, people misunderstood about what he predicted about Rapture as he meant it in the spiritual and not physical sense.

Addressing the media in an Open Forum at Family Radio headquarters at Oakland, Calif., Camping acknowledged that he was not infallible.

He also said he is ready to apologize if people want him to. If people want me to apologize, I can apologize, yes. I am not a genius. I was wrong. It (Rapture) should be understood spiritually and not physically, he said.

However, Camping added, Judgment has come, Judgment that was not prior to May 21, 2011 and delayed the Doomsday date till October 21, 2011.

Earlier he had mentioned that there will be violent earthquakes that will make Japan's earthquake look like a Sunday school picnic in comparison and the world will be completely destroyed on October 21, 2011.