The fake Harvard rejection letter that’s been circulating online during the past few days isn’t real. Chicago native Molly McGann, 18, created the satirical letter as a joke and her friend posted it on Twitter on Wednesday. The tweet went viral, and it’s been retweeted nearly 64,000 times.




McGann currently attends the Francis W. Parker School in Chicago, and she’s now worried that the fake letter may thwart her chances of actually getting into the Ivy League college.




McGann admitted the letter was fake on Wednesday, but that didn’t stop it from appearing on sites like Reddit.

“Guys! This letter is fake! I wrote it for my school humor magazine called citizen poke!” McGann tweeted.




“We are unable to offer admission to every student, regardless of their proficiency in 'dank memes,’ or their level of “$wagg moneyyyy,” the fake letter said. “For future reference, it is not wise to start an essay with the words, ‘listen here u little skanks’ and end with ‘McGann out *drops mic.*”

Hopefully, Harvard has a sense of humor.