Though Facebook was founded as an exclusive club for college students, years after its inception, people of nearly every age are liking posts and sharing content with their friends. Only one person, however, can officially be the oldest person on Facebook, and the contest for that title seems to be heating up.

Officially, Florence Detlor is the oldest Facebook user. The 101-year-old California resident was named Facebook’s oldest user in August, earning her a visit to Facebook’s Palo Alto, Calif. headquarters to meet founder Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg.

According to ABC News, Detlor has received hundreds of messages and friend requests each day since she was named Facebook’s oldest user. You can even send her one yourself.

According to another contender, however, Detlor is far from the oldest user on Facebook. That honor might just belong to New Mexico’s Maria "Mary" Colunia Segura-Metzgar.

Segura-Metzgar just turned 105 earlier in the week and also keeps an active Facebook account. However, there’s a problem: according to her official profile, Segura-Metzgar is 102, not 105.

According to her 60-year-old grandson Anthony Segura, the problem arose when he attempted to sign his grandmother up for Facebook earlier in the year. Apparently, Facebook would not accept Segura-Metzgar’s real birthday as valid.

"I tried to sign her up on Facebook a few months ago,, but it wouldn't accept her birth date," Segura told today. "Then I tried again and just put in 101 and it accepted it for the timeline, even though she was 104."

"Now on Facebook it says she's 102 when, in reality, she's 105," he said.

Now, Segura is attempting to have his grandmother’s status as the oldest Facebook user officially recognized. But Facebook has not responded officially.

Segura says his primary motive in signing his grandmother up for Facebook wasn’t to win her an award, but to make sure her family could always stay in touch.

"She's still very sharp and likes to tell stories of her life, and we wanted to be able to record her life as a legacy," said Segura. "We're a very large family and there's a lot of stories that a lot of the family doesn't know and we wanted to be able to capture those. Since 'Timeline' came out we thought it was a good idea to put those [stories] on Facebook to have a timeline of her life."