Popular online card game “Hearthstone’s” newest expansion, “The Grand Tournament,” will arrive Aug. 24, publisher Blizzard Entertainment announced Wednesday. The 132-card set was unveiled at the end of July. Preorders for 50 “Grand Tournament” card packs have been available since July 29 at a cost of $49.99; their purchase gives players access to an exclusive “festive” card back, available immediately.

The preorder price is available until Aug. 24. Currently a pack of 40 “Goblins vs. Gnomes” cards costs $49.99, with “The Grand Tournament” cards likely to be around the same price, meaning prepurchase will save you around $10.

“The Grand Tournament” introduces a new map as well as an in-game mechanic called Inspire, which apparently activates every time a hero power is used.

Despite being free to play, "Hearthstone" generates $20 million in revenue for Blizzard every month thanks to in-game purchases, according to SuperData Research.

Check out the trailer for "The Grand Tournament" below. Are you excited for the new expansion? Tell us in the comments below.