Hang on, folks. Weather forecasters predict there is only one more day left in a heat wave that has inflicted scorching temperatures across much of the nation. 

According to USA Today, the hottest weather so far this summer was seen on Wednesday, with temperatures that rolled over into Thursday as well. 

Around 130 million Americans are enduring the brutal temperatures in the Midwest and Northeast this week, reports AccuWeather meteorologist Alex Sosnowski.

On Wednesday, most states reported at least one region where temperatures topped out at 90 degrees. Some big cities suffered the worst, with New York City seeing 100 degrees while Washington, D.C., sat at 102. Baltimore topped out at 103 and Detroit at 105 degrees.

High temperatures reaching into the 90s are forecast again for Friday from the Plains all the way to the Northeast. And though it seems relief can't come soon enough, this hot weather is still "less than the extreme heat observed last summer over these areas," says weather service meteorologist David Hamrick.

A massive "dome" of high pressure that is resting over the Northeast, Great Lakes and Ohio Valley is the culprit for this week's extreme temperatures. 

A cold front from Canada is expected to help things cool down as well as lower humidity over the weekend, reports CBS. But with these changing temperatures could come severe weather in the form of thunderstorms and high winds, AccuWeather reports. 

Many cities are taking serious precautions in the wake of the heat wave. 

Amtrak trains are facing delays due to trains being slowed down to help lower the internal temperature of the rails. And Philadelphia activated the city's heat hotline to assist people in emergency situations trapped without air conditioning.