Former “Hollywood Madam” Heidi Fleiss faces multiple charges after police say they discovered hundreds of marijuana plants growing at her home.

According to CNN, authorities went to Fleiss’ residence in Pahrump, Nev., on Aug. 7 in search of another woman wanted on an arrest warrant. With the front door wide open and nobody answering, an officer went to the back of the residence and discovered a forest of marijuana plants.

After Fleiss emerged and consented to a search of her home, the officer found even more plants. In total, 392 marijuana plants were discovered.

Fleiss told the police she was growing the plants for a cooperative in Las Vegas, approximately 60 miles away.

"Ms. Fleiss could not produce the necessary documentation to support this. Later she admitted, in a roundabout way, that she was going to get a license because she did not have one," Nye County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

The sheriff’s office added that the 47-year-old was not arrested since “she has approximately $200,000 worth of exotic birds in the residence, plus she gave us consent to search without a warrant and was very cooperative throughout the investigation.”

Fleiss is a noted fan of rare and exotic birds. In 2011, she starred in a reality show called “Heidi Fleiss: Prostitutes To Parrots,” which aired on Animal Planet.

E! Online reports that Fleiss has been charged with one count of marijuana possession with intent to sell, possession of drug paraphernalia, maintaining a residence where drugs are sold and conspiracy to violate the Controlled Substances Act.

Fleiss first gained national notoriety after her 1993 arrest for running a prostitution ring out of Los Angeles. Her prostitutes reportedly provided services to numerous Hollywood celebrities and wealthy clients. Fleiss eventually served nearly two years in prison after being convicted of federal tax evasion.