German model and TV personality Heidi Klum takes Halloween very, very seriously.

The model always throws a huge Halloween bash and then wears the most fun and outrageous costumes imaginable. Over the years, she has dressed up as Betty Boop, a Hindu goddess and even as an alien.

This year, all eyes are on her again as she prepares for her Halloween get-up. Klum even shared a sneak peak on her Instagram account (@heidiklum).

In the photo, Klum had her hair up in a tight bun. She’s wearing thigh-high white boots and a matching fitted bodice. “First fitting for Halloween ..... Hmmmmmm..._..... what am I going to be this year ? Can you guess !?!?!?!?!?!” she wrote.

The model’s fans were extremely excited as they shared their guesses in the comments section. A lot of people think she’s going to dress up as Beyonce, while others suspect she’s going to be a comic book character.

The guesses are outrageous, with people predicting Kim Kardashian, David Bowie, Demi Lovato, Rey from “Star Wars,” Michael Jackson and Barbarella.

Back in 2015, Klum dressed up as Jessica Rabbit, the iconic bombshell from “Who Framed Roger Rabbit.” Klum nailed her look to a T, with her red hair and matching red dress and purple gloves. The model even showcased Jessica Rabbit’s voluptuous curves, according to PEOPLE.

The previous year, E! News reported that Klum dressed up as a butterfly, much to the delight of her kids.

She shared that the costume required a lot of effort to put on, since she had to undergo elaborate makeup and body paint before putting on enormous, colorful wings and prosthetics resembling the butterfly’s compound eyes. It took her five hours just to get into the costume, “then I just flew over here to the party,” she said.