Helen Hunt, Oscar winner for her powerful performance in "As Good As It Gets" is generating buzz for her hot performance in "The Sessions," according to Inquisitr. The film was formerly titled "The Surrogates" and centers around a sex therapist who takes an unconventional "hands-on" approach to her craft. Hunt plays the therapist, who, through sleeping with her clients, hopes to help them heal emotionally and help them to determine exactly what they're doing wrong.

John Hawkes co-stars alongside Hunt and is also generating quite a bit of Oscar consideration as the paraplegic who employs Hunt's character to help him work out his sexual issues. Hawkes, who earned an Oscar nomination for his performance in "Winter's Bone," is a veteran of the big screen as well as television, with a recurring role on "Eastbound And Down" as well as "Deadwood."

Hunt hasn't starred in a film since the Oscar-winning "As Good As It Gets," in which she played a waitress opposite Jack Nicholson. William H. Macy, also a previous Academy Award nominee, stars as a priest working to help Hawkes' character throughout the course of the film. In this quirky-yet-sexy comedy, Helen Hunt makes her return to the big screen is a widely anticipated event.

"The Sessions" opens on Oct. 26 and is directed by Ben Lewin (who also wrote the script).