Three episodes into Season 4 of “Hell on Wheels,” and life is not getting any easier for poor Cullen Bohannon. The former soldier on the AMC railroad drama escaped Fort Smith with his new wife and child only to return to Cheyenne, where he has not exactly been welcomed home. In “Reckoning,” premiering Saturday, Aug. 23, Bohannon and his wife will find new challenges as they try to settle back into town.

In last Saturday’s “Chicken Hill,” Bohannon returned to a less-than-enthusiastic welcome party, with many of his friends dead or gone and the town anxious about his new Mormon family. Bohannon also found coming back to his old work on the railroad to be a bit more complicated. The synopsis for the next episode reveals that he will take railroad matters into his own hands in an attempt to gain back his former status.

Bohannon will not be the only one showing a little backbone in the new episode; his new wife, Naomi, is also finding her way in the town. Ostracized for her Mormon faith, in a new teaser trailer for the new episode she sticks up for herself in the general store, showing more strength than fans may have expected.

Meanwhile, tension is still ramping up between lawman John Campbell and railroad magnate “Doc” Durant. In “Chicken Hill,” the two clashed over a piece of land Durant wanted for chicken coops. The “Reckoning” synopsis reveals that Campbell will make a move against his rival in the next episode.

What will that move be? And will Bohannon and his new family be able to start a peaceful life back in town? Fans will have to wait until “Reckoning” premieres Saturday, Aug.23, at 9 p.m. EDT on TNT to find out!

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