Dr Annie Balcomb and registered nurse Jo Buckerfield are part of the team at Clinic 96 in Orange. Credit: Blayney Chronicle

If you have had piercing or a tattoo, have shared needles with another person, or had a blood transfusion prior to 1990 you may be part of the one per cent of the Australian population who has been exposed to hepatitis C.

Clinic 96 in Orange provides testing, assessment and treatment for people with chronic hepatitis C or for those who may have contracted the virus.

People can self-refer for a free assessment at the clinic located at 96 Kite St, Orange, informed Dr Annie Balcomb.

We are trying to dispel some the myths surrounding hepatitis C, she said.

Some people think you need a liver biopsy but testing begins with a blood test.

The side-effects from the treatments aren't as bad as they used to be either.

One in twelve people across the world, have chronic hepatitis C or hepatitis B both of which can be screened for at the sexual health clinic that visits HealthOne Blayney every month or at Clinic 96 in Orange.

Dr Balcomb said, We are trying to double the treatment numbers to try and prevent the number of people who get liver disease.

Please dial 1800 816 925 to make an appointment at Clinic 96 or get more information.