Herman Cain had a dream. He wanted to become president of the United States. He ran twice, in fact, making his biggest splash most recently as a leader for a period in the Republican party's candidate nomination race. But then came allegations of sexual harassment and a 13-year affair.

Cain then fell from the polls and bowed out of the race. But he told Barbara Walters in an interview that aired Wednesday night as one of the 10 Most Fascinating People of the year that if given the opportunity for a cabinet position, he would choose this one -- Secretary of Defense.

We are speaking totally, totally hypothetical, right? a smiling Cain said. Department of Defense.

Visibly surprised on camera at Cain's response, Walters exclaimed, What?

Yes, Cain said.

Not Treasury? I mean, you're the 9-9-9 man. Why the Department of Defense? Walters asked.

Because if I could influence rebuilding our military as it should be, that would be a task I would consider undertaking.

Cain faced criticism as a GOP presidential candidate last month when he did not seem to know in an interview with China already has nuclear weapons. He also got tongue tied in an interview once when asked whether or not he approved of President Barack Obama's Libya policy.

Walters brought the Libya tongue-tie back up.

Yes, but I have been doing my homework ever since that difficulty, said Cain, with a smile.

See the video below: