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David Magee is the author of 12 books, including Jeff Immelt and the New GE Way, How Toyota Became #1, and The John Deere Way. A former columnist for the Chattanooga Times Free Press and a daily newspaper news editor, he has been a frequent guest on Fox Business and CNBC.

Magic/Bird on Broadway Review: NBA Greatness Hard to Replicate on Stage

On Broadway the new play Magic/Bird by Eric Simonson that opened last week fails to elicit the same type of emotion that makes for good theater. The 95-minute play (no intermission) is more at times like watching the first quarter of a Golden State-Seattle NBA game than watching a championship series game seven more than a quarter-of-a-century ago between Magic's Lakers and Bird's Celtics.

Supernatural Supermarket 'Ghost' Caught on Security Footage? [VIDEO]

Brompton IGA store owner Norm Hurst told Adelaide Now that previous store owners told him the market was haunted. Now he believes maybe it is after CCTV video apparently caught proof that something strange is occurring in the market. Hurst reportedly closed up the market last week with everything in order.

New York Knicks, Jeremy Lin Beat Indiana Pacers -- Win Streak At Three

It was the third consecutive win for New York Knicks interim head coach Mike Woodson, after replacing Mike D'Antoni who resigned earlier in the week. The Eastern Conference win was critical for the Knicks, who are trying to hang onto a playoff position in the second half of the season.

GE's Stock Trades Higher; Analysts Cite GE Capital Improvement

GE was trading up $1.29 percent on Wednesday to $19.84 on a report from Credit Suisse analysts Julian Mitchell, Charles Clarke and Jonathan Shaffer which estimates that GE Capital will soon resume paying a dividend to its parent company, resulting in higher shareholder returns.

See Gerald Green's Amazing Dunk In Nets-Rockets Game (VIDEO)

The Nets continue to struggle, but the team at least had one the NBA season's best highlights on Saturday night on a alley-oop dunk by Gerald Green. He took the pass from Marshon Brooks and launched a massive windmill jam that brought the Newark, New Jersey crowd to its feet.

US Gas Prices Soar on 'Fear Factor'; 'Sky is the Limit' if War Erupts

The United States at present has plenty of supply and only light demand, yet gas prices are steadily rising. Americans, while still addicted to oil, are driving more fuel-efficient cars, so why are there predictions of $5-a-gallon gas by year's end? The answer is fear -- mainly of war with Iran, a major oil producer.

Jeremy Lin, New York Knicks 'Chink in the Armor': ESPN Apologizes

After the New Orleans Hornets ended the New York Knicks' seven-game winning streak, took a dig at Jeremy Lin, using the headline Chink in the Armor on its mobile sites.The headline, accompanying a photo of Lin, was distributed to's mobile users.

When is Easter Sunday 2012?

When is Easter Sunday 2012? Easter, the central feast day in the Christian calendar, celebrates the resurrection of Jesus, who rose according to the Bible on the third day after his crucifixion.

When is Tax Deadline for 2012? It's April 17... (VIDEO)

The Internal Revenue Service announced in January of this year when the 2012 tax season began that taxpayers have until April 17 to file their tax returns this year. One reason is that the traditional deadline, April 15, falls on a Sunday. Another reason is Emancipation Day.

Where's My IRS Refund 2012? Click Here to Find Out...

Even though 2011 federal tax returns aren't due until April 17, 2012 those who file early often do so to get a quick refund from the IRS. The IRS notes that most refunds are issued within 10 days for those who file returns electronically. Those filing paper returns can expect to wait weeks for their refund. Still, many want to know the status of their refund since hundreds and even thousands of dollars are often in limbo.

Northeast Snow on the Way: Boston, New York Likely to Get 1-4 Inches

Winter has been mild in the northeast this year, with warmer temperatures than average and far less snowfall than last year. But residents of the Northeast including major cities Boston and New York will get a reminder that winter isn't gone yet -- as an approaching system is expected to combine with another developing on and bring 1-4 inches of snow this weekend.

One Million Birth Control Pills Packets Recalled by Pfizer

Pfizer said on Tuesday one million packets of birth control pills are being recalled in the U.S. because they weren't made with enough contraceptive to prevent pregnancy. Pfizer learned that the packets either contained too many active tablets or too few -- prompting the massive recall. The problem was caused by mechanical and visual inspection failures on the packaging line, according to The Associated Press.

Djokovic-Nadal Australian Open Final 2012: Djokovic Wins Epic Battle

Novak Djokovic, the Australian Open defending champion, beat Rafael Nadal 5-7, 6-4, 6-2, 6-7, 7-5. It was the third straight Grand Slam final for Djokovic against Nadal. Nadal, and Djokovic stripped off his shirt and thrust his hands upward to celebrate his continuing Grand Slam dominance as of late. It was his fifth major title.

Twitter Recruitment Video Released: 'The Future is You!' [VIDEO]

More than 218,000 people have already viewed the best/worst Twitter recruitment video the social media company released on Friday. The job recruitment video titled At Twitter, The Future is You! is called by the company a hackweek project: make the best/worst recruiting video of all time. Done.

Demi Moore 911 Call: 10 Things to Know

The tape of the Demi Moore 911 call from the actresses' home Monday night has been released, and it appears the situation more more serious than her publicist initially related. The Los Angeles Fire Department released the tape of the 911 call, made by a friend as the 49-year-old Moore was apparently in a medical emergency. Moore's friends were trying to summon an ambulance to her Beverly Hills home.

Asteroid 2012 BX34 Misses Earth [VIDEO]

The asteroid 2012 BX34 passed within 36,750 miles of Earth at 10:30 a.m. ET on Friday. That was its closest approach. The small asteroid, about 37 feet wide, would have broken up in the Earth's atmosphere before it could have made impact anyway, so it never really posed a threat, according to NASA.