While Herman's Cain is still the GOP presidential frontrunner despite being embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal (LINK), the Godfather's Pizza magnate has lost the support of one important part of his base: his fellow mustachioed Americans.

Although Cain won the tongue-in-cheek endorsement of the prestigious American Mustache Institute in October, the organization now seems to be stepping back from the candidate it previously said would inspire a new generation of good looking and fearless Mustached American leadership and public service.

However, in light of the five accusations of sexual harassment made against Cain, the AMI decided the joke is over.

We'd be kidding ourselves if we didn't say it caused us some concern, Aaron Perlut, the group's chairman, told Politico on Friday. We're an organization that is principally involved in using humor to promote facial hair and we have little interest in having our good name being dragged through the mud based on something that may or may not be true.

Institute Founded in 1965

Founded in 1965, the AMI's humorous Web site states the group continues to battle negative stereotyping that has accompanied the mustache since those glory years of the 1970s. For instance, the organization lamented to Politico that less than 30 members of Congress have facial hair; according to AMI research, Cain is the first mustached major party presidential candidate since Thomas E. Dewy in 1948.

The allegations of Cain's sexual misconduct may not be the only reason Cain got the boot from the AMI.  There have been questions as to the quality of Cain's mustache, according to Perlut, who said some members have pointed out that Cain's mustache is theater quality - meaning, it appears to be a full mustache from afar, but loses its pizazz upon closer examination.