Blizzard Entertainment’s “World of Warcraft” and "Heroes of the Storm" have teamed up to offer players the Grave Golem pet reward. It is from the Haunted Mines map in "Heroes of the Storm." reports that starting Tuesday, players of "Heroes of the Storm" who reach Level 20 will be awarded the Grave Golem in "World of Warcraft." In order to unlock the Grave Golem pet, qualified players need to log in to "World of Warcraft" after the launch of "Heroes of the Storm."

Wowhead reports that the Grave Golem pet came from a single skull that was collected by a team of heroes during an invasion of the Haunted Mines. It wandered into the Nexus and eventually arrived in Azeroth.

Aside from the Grave Golem pet reward, "World of Warcraft" players who reach level 100 using any of the game's characters will earn an Ironside Dire Wolf mount. This special mount can be used in "Heroes of the Storm." 

Heroes Nexus reports that the Ironside Dire Wolf comes in three tints, which are black, brown and gray. Click here to see photos of the Ironside Dire Wolf.

"Heroes of the Storm" is Blizzard Entertainment's multiplayer online battle arena or online "Hero Brawler" that was developed for OS X and Microsoft Windows. It is set in the Nexus, where heroes from various Blizzard games, including "Diablo," "Starcraft" and "Warcraft," can be used as characters.

It has a free-to-play model as well as a freemium model supported by micropayments. These micropayments can be used to purchase heroes or alterations for the heroes. Before the official release of "Heroes of the Storm" on Tuesday, it had a closed beta on Jan. 13 and an open beta on May 19. reports that "Heroes of the Storm" has 36 heroes and these are divided into four separate roles, such as the Warrior, Assassin, Support and Specialist roles. Heroes in the game include Johanna (Crusader of Zakarum), Jaina Proudmoore (Archmage), Zagara (Broodmother of the Swarm) and Li Li (World Wanderer).

Watch The Grave Golem Pet - Patch 6.1 Video Below:

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Watch The [Updated] Ironside Dire Wolf Mount Video Below:

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