“Beliebers” do not exist just in Canada and the U.S.; they seem to span the entire globe (and dominate Twitter, too).

Over the weekend, those in Italy have started a Twitter campaign, titled “Hi Bieber Italy exists,” to lobby the star to go there

It is not surprising that Italian “Beliebers” took to Twitter; Justin Bieber is the second most followed user on there and Bieber-related phrases are often top trending topics.

“Haven't been on all day and HI BIEBER ITALY EXISTS is a TT, that actually made my day. hopefully Justin's gonna find out about it. well done!” wrote a Twitter user from Tuscany, Italy.

“HI BIEBER ITALY EXISTS @justinbieber we are here and waiting for you :)” wrote another Italian Twitter user.

Some Bieber fans in other countries used the “Hi Bieber Italy exists” opportunity to point out that while the star has been to Italy (in April 2011), he has not been to theirs.

“HI BIEBER ITALY EXISTS? Well excuse me now, but have Justin been in Italy? Yes. Have he been to Sweden? No,” tweeted a user in Sweden.

“Hi Bieber Italy exists? Hey World, Hungary exists…” tweeted another user.

Some of the European countries at which he performed in 2011 include Germany, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, and Switzerland. 

A few non-Italian Twitter users are impressed by the “Hi Bieber Italy exists” move.

“Dear Italian beliebers, I got mad respect for you guys trending HI BIEBER ITALY EXISTS instead of the overrated COUNTRY WANTS BIEBER,” tweeted an American Bieber fan.

Justin Bieber and his girlfriend Selena Gomez were last seen on Nov. 12 at London, according to UK paper Daily Mail.