With the partial government shutdown seemingly about to affect everyone as businesses start to feel the pinch, it might be worth knowing what cities charge the highest and lowest ATM fees in America. It could save you some valuable dollars.

If you’re forced to use another bank's ATM or a stand-alone one, it can often come with a charge. According to Bankrate’s 2013 Checking Account Survey, those charges are set to rise. The national average is currently $2.60.

Six cities with the lowest average ATM fees:

1.       New York $2.30

2.       Baltimore $2.40

3.       St. Louis $2.50

4.       Dallas $2.50

5.       Philadelphia $2.50

6.       Los Angeles $2.60

Six cities with the highest ATM fees:

1.       Milwaukee $2.95

2.       Phoenix $2.89

3.       Houston $2.78

4.       Cincinnati $2.72

5.       San Francisco $2.69

6.       San Diego $2.69